We Are All a Family

Ever since I was a little kid, the VNA Family Room has always been there for my family and I. It provided us a place in which we could learn about our community. As a migrant family from Kenya, it’s really difficult for us to find such welcoming places than the Family Room. I have so many cherished memories from this place. I’ve met some of my closest friends from there. My mother has been utilizing this place in so many ways. She refers the Family Room as a second home because the friendships and bonds she created there are so meaningful to her. We are all a family when it comes to the VNA Family Room. The word family is not in the name for no reason. All for one and one for all! I’ve met so many inspirational people in the community such as Meg, Grace, Sarah, Infinite, and Dawn and many more through the family room. These are the people who have a huge influence on my accomplishments and goals. I want the children of our community to have the same benefit that I did. Burlington is very gifted to have such a place like this! Ever since I transferred to The University of Vermont, I’ve been trying my hardest to get closer to the Family Room as much as possible. I have a driven passion in which I want to see our community come together and strive for a safe, inclusive, welcoming and caring community. The Family Room already does all these great things for community members and families. I am really grateful for the family room and all of the resources it offers the community.

-Aden Haji