How Can I Help?

Aside from making a financial donation to The Family Room, there are several ways you can help us achieve our goals.

Contact us directly via email:

Donate an item, or help share the staff wishlist of items the center needs.

Be in touch with if you have an idea about a fundraising event, or a donor/organization we should contact.

Contact your local representatives (city council, state reps, etc.) and let them know why the Family Room is important and ask them to support us in our work.

Ask state representatives to allocate $250,000 of Blueprint for Health funds to each of the 15 Parent Child Centers in the state. A list of state representatives can be found here:

Ask Burlington representatives to include Family Room in the projects funded by the city’s Early Learning initiative. A list of Burlington City Council representatives can be found here:

Join our Facebook group and keep up to date on the latest news and events:
Family Room Family

Help us spread the word by email and on social media. Facebook, Twitter and yes, even Google+. Look for the social media buttons at the bottom of posts and pages that look like this:


Clicking on the Facebook icon will bring up a new page where you can create your post. There are a few choices you need to make and you need to write something where it says “Say something about this”. The top pull down menu lets you select where you’re post will go. Usually you’ll post to your own timeline, but posting on a friend’s timeline or in a different group or page are also good options. The bottom right pull down menu lets you select who will see the post on your timeline. Public would be the best option because more people will have a chance to see it.

Sharing posts on Facebook

Choosing the Twitter icon opens a new window where you can create your tweet. Like the Facebook window, this one will assume you’re logged in and ready to post. The default text won’t ever be enough to really get the message across so be sure to add your own touch. Also be sure to add #BTV since that is the official Burlington, VT hashtag. It also helps to tweet at high profile local Twitter users. We have a growing list of these below.

Share posts and pages on Twitter

The email icon brings up a pop up window where you select what kind of email service you use. If these give you any trouble at all, you can jusy copy the URL from the address bar and paste that into an email that you can write the way you usually do it.

Share a story by email

Google+. Some people use it. If you know somebody who does, feel free to share it on there.