Our Mission

The Family Room Family’s mission is to ensure parent voice in programming at the Family Room, and that parent voice is present throughout the transition and in the creation of the new Family Room. FRF seeks to support Family Room staff to keep the program thriving through organizing volunteers, fundraising and publicizing as needed.

To meet these goals we will engage in the following activities:

1.Organizing: educating program-users about the program and the support it needs, meeting regularly to hear parent concerns and represent them to the Family Room director/admin team

2.Volunteering: providing trained volunteers to assist staff in programming, seeking and coordinating in-kind donations of materials to strengthen Family Room programming

3.Fundraising: Planning and holding at least four fundraisers a year to support the Family Room’s programs and raise awareness of this wonderful program

4.Publicizing: maintaining a public presence so that the larger community is aware of the good work the Family Room does